About us

About us

Outreaches are nearly empty. Clothing banks have run out. And Homeless shelters can't supply enough. They can give the homeless food, but only if they make it there. They're running low with things to help any homeless person who come through their doors.

We visited a local shelter and helped out as much as we could. Most shelters have boxes with items to help the homeless there. It was shocking how low supplies for socks and underwear were.

So what… you might think.

We saw people on the streets wearing t-shirts around their feet. And what's more, any worn or sockless people face blisters, infection and sores. One man told us that clean socks were nearly as vital as food for him, in order for him to be able to walk and protect his feet. We know food is important, but perhaps just as important is actually making it to a shelter for meals…

But here's the thing. You wouldn't give your socks and underwear second-hand, it's a one-time thing. And it's one of the last things we think to donate to shelters… preferring to give as last minute Christmas gifts.

And upon leaving, a woman in our local area told us that socks are in constant demand from clothing banks and shelters. She told us it's nearly the first and last thing she's asked for.

Something needed to be done…

We struck a consensus among us. Could we give back to communities in more than one way? What if we could provide people with socks and underwear that sit how they should, don't ride up and keep you fresh… on top of giving back to local communities.

It seemed like a no-brainer to us. Not only can you wear socks and underwear purposely designed to provide comfort and freshness, but you get to give back. It's a cycle of value and a beautiful offer to help communities.

It's simple… The Power of One. We donate when you buy.

So here's a fantastic opportunity to give back and create a better culture where you are. After purchasing socks and underwear, we'll donate the same product to a range of shelters.

What's more, we've suffered all sorts of underwear problems and we've designed these with this in mind. Stay dry, comfortable and importantly, feel great about giving back!

We’ve seen first-hand how helping a local community and giving back to it creates a little more joy in it AND yourself. Click here  to see selections.