It's Finally Here!

by SOCK n SACK February 08, 2017

A Single Spark

How it all started was with a simple idea - to donate one pair for every pair purchased.

We wanted to visit a local charity that works with homeless people in our city. As soon as we entered the door, we were overwhelmed by the amount of people that were milling around! I was personally greeted multiple times. There was a mixture of volunteers and people who were accessing the many resources that it offered, but the sense of community is what made us stop and realize that this was just the beginning of something amazing.

We were excited to meet Kelly, a woman who truly embodied the spirit of the place. She was happy and grateful to be there, and it was contagious. Every person seemed cheerful and thankful, and we immediately knew we could make a serious difference with someone as passionate as she is. She greeted us and as we talked about our business and what our partnership could mean, she drew our attention to the bins for socks and underwear. They were completely empty.

It was striking to stand there, feeling like my heart had dropped, knowing that they had donations for the majority of what they needed, but the thing they needed most was something we could offer. It was bittersweet. On the one hand, SocknSack will fill these bins to the brim – we are sure of that. The generosity of people runs deep. But the need is so great and immediate.

Kelly mentioned that the homeless people will frequently wear their underwear for weeks on end without any ability to wash them, often for six weeks. Six weeks! And if our company could supply just one pair of quality boxers to a man living on the streets ... His life would be immediately impacted.

Thinking back on our visit we realize that our dreams are bigger than just our local charity. With your help, our company can be directly impacting people's lives with quality donations - and not to one place. We think of how desperately we want to see the bins for socks and underwear filled entirely, not in one city, but across the world.



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