6 weeks …. One Pair Of Underwear

by SOCK n SACK May 16, 2017

Having a clean pair of underwear every morning is something most people really overlook and take for granted. If you’re like me you probably have a fairly large underwear collection and most mornings it’s a struggle just to pick out a pair to take on your days adventure.

This isn’t the case for everyone… 

Meet Jimmy.

I discovered Jimmy recently on one of my weekly cruises where I try and meet some members of our community who are less fortunate. Through the corner of my eye I saw a cart stuffed to the brim with prized possessions most people considered junk.

I pulled up in my car next to this recycling bin to be pleasantly greeted by this man I now would consider my friend.

I got the opportunity for the next 15 minutes to learn about the last 15 years of his life on the streets. Like most people I have met on the streets, Jimmy was injured on the job as a labourer of some sort.
After sustaining some major injuries to his hands, he was left unable to go back to the work he did for the past few decades of his life. Without being able to get a job in a work field he had known for the majority of his life he had no way to provide for his basic needs.

I soon came to the question that I really hate asking people…

”Jimmy… If you don’t mind me asking…. How long have you been wearing the same pair of underwear for…?

Jimmy broke eye contact with me almost immediately.

I know this question makes people, especially in Jimmy’s position super uncomfortable.

But I still feel obligated to ask.

Because the truth needs to be told!

After asking if it had been 1 week… 2 weeks?.... 4 weeks? Jimmy showed some emotion when the word 6 came out of my mouth.

He felt super uncomfortable as I imagine anyone in that position would be.
He explained to me that many of the shelters he normally gets clothes from always has major shortages of both socks and underwear.

I didn’t want to take up to much of Jimmy’s time as he seem determined to try and find some more bottles in the bin he was inside. I asked him what size of waist he was and if it was okay by him i’d like to give him a gift.

I ran back to my car, grabbed a few pairs of our grey underwear we call “The Legend”

Handing the package to Jimmy as a present, I watched gratefully as he opened it like a young child opening presents on christmas day.

He felt the soft modal fabric then looked up to me.

Jimmy didn’t have words but his smile told me everything.

I asked him if it was okay to take a picture of him with his new underwear before I left so I could help tell his story to others. He smiled and nodded.

2 pairs of underwear is what I give out to people I meet like Jimmy.

1 fresh pair that can be worn right away and one fresh pair waiting for when he feels like he really needs that great feeling we get to experience every morning.

“Buy a Pair, Give a Pair”

Is a way of life for us at socknsack.

It’s so unreal to be able to see the drastic change we can make in someone's life like Jimmy’s.

And at the end of the day it’s really all thanks to our amazing customers for making it happen.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for scoring yourself what we believe is the world’s best underwear and giving us the gift to be able to give it to people like Jimmy who just need a little bit of a pick me up sometimes.



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